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I am Tim Wiseman. I am Elephant IT.

Functioning as a member of your team, but on a freelance basis, you can outsource your IT requirements but still receive personalised service. I’m happy to work as your IT consultancy specialist all week, one day per week, a half day a per week, or in a support capacity to your day to day IT person. I can be your part-time IT expert with full-time availability, supporting you around the clock while still allowing you to keep your costs down.

I bring to you the best of both worlds. You won’t need to see my face every day, but you can consider me part of your team, working with you as your computer network professional and IT support specialist. There is no need to pay my holidays (unless you want to), no pension to worry about and no PAYE hassle, just me, arriving at your place of work when you need me, or accessing your systems remotely, tending to your IT needs.

Statistically, an in-house IT employee is productive for only 60% of their time. Using a contractor means that you only pay for the hours that you need, and as an on-demand service provider, I deliver cost-savings to your business through economies of scale.

Hiring externally and on-demand means that your business inherits and benefits my knowledge along with a variety of fresh ideas and solutions gained from exposure to multiple organisations, products, and services.

Over time, and as technology evolves, it’s likely that your in-house IT requirements will change and expand. As a contractor I can support your growing requirements, continuously adapting to your changing needs.

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