IT Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Through decades of front-line expertise, I recognise better than most that getting stuck in an Automated Attendant System (AAS), pressing 1 for sales, and 2 for support is not a quick solution to your IT challenges. AASs are then often followed by a first-line-support service that measures the severity of your problem and decides whether it is worthy of escalation, awarding it a higher severity grading if so, with a promise of, at some point, resolving your query. Frustration is just one word that springs to mind. I’ve felt that pain, and that’s why I offer a personal service that’s superior to larger organisations by providing a direct line of contact. I can then quickly solve your problem and give an immediate answer to your query.

I’m not hiding behind a receptionist while I’m on the golf course, I work day and night with unswerving contact to myself, even if I’m on holiday! No fleet of vans, retirement funds, or sick pay, you deal with one man who knows your business.

I understand that industries face technology-based challenges every day, and that is why I, at Elephant IT, provide you and your organisation with the direction that will help you to identify, execute, and preserve your in-house technologies. Having the right technology and knowing how to get the most out of it will support you in maximising revenue, moderating your expenditure, and managing your risks.

I am happy to work with my customers to advise on the most appropriate solution(s) including hardware, software, cybersecurity, and service providers. Support can range from recommendations through to organising purchases and product installation.

  • Networking and Infrastructure
  • PC Sales and Support
  • Server and Hosted Systems
  • Data Recovery
  • Remote Support
  • Business Consultation
  • Server and PC Repair
  • Consulting
  • IT Solutions
  • Training
  • Internet Security

IT Maintenance
For a fixed monthly-charge I will look after your IT Systems with a top-class Service Level Agreement (SLA) and excellent prices. If you prefer to hire me one day per week to keep on top of your IT needs, then that’s ok too.

Ad-Hoc Services
Perhaps you would favor a no-contract approach to your business’ IT? You can utilise my services at a fixed hourly fee, with no onsite call-out charge. Hourly rates might be the best option for you if you are looking to understand and explore the benefits that I can bring to your business.

Remote Support
Can’t wait for me to get to you or have a quick problem that you need to resolve in a hurry? My remote support service can get your systems restored without the need for a visit. Remote support is charged at 15-minute intervals.

Elephant IT provides a wide range of tried and tested products. If I don’t like it, I won’t sell it. It’s as simple as that. The products that I sell are fit for purpose and will efficiently suit the needs of my customers. My margins are low, and the products that I sell reflect my tried and tested approach to technology-based solutions. I buy from respected sources to ensure an incredibly low rate of warranty returns—I average less than one warranty job per year!

Telephone Support
If you have a quick question or need verbal advice, give me a call. I can support you during the days, evening, and weekends.

Using only off the shelf products, I can supply and configure a wide range of software from a variety of independent manufacturers. Working directly with third party companies on your behalf, I am the interface to all things IT within the company. I often meet with surveyors and contractors to help them work effectively with my client.