Modern-day technology is seeing products developed more swiftly than ever, creating a minefield of choice across multiple brands. Elephant IT believes that the most crucial step in buying a product is product selection. IT has diversified into a myriad of on-premise options that include the cloud and hybrid. There is no longer a one size fits all–each business that I work with will have its own set of needs, and so my services and solutions are tailored with this in mind. All manufacturers hold multiple part numbers and options, and to complicate matters, they often introduce new models or versions.

Additionally, manufacturers offer a maze of licencing and maintenance options. Picking the wrong agreement or programme can be very costly for your business. I will guide you through the information and help you make an informed decision. Once the part numbers are identified, I will leverage all of the manufacturer’s programmes to ensure that you get the best price possible. There is nothing worse than seeing the release of a new model, or a price drop just a week after you have made your purchase. My wealth of experience gained over many years means that I can confidently offer my client-base the best products and services at competitive rates.